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Ahrefs Unveils Affordable $29 Starter Plan

Ahrefs unveiled a new, more affordable $29/mo Starter plan, which includes 100 credits.

It appears that Ahrefs has quietly released a more affordable $29 package called the Starter plan.

I couldn't find any official information about what is included in this Starter plan, but Erik Emanuelli sent me a screenshot where some details can be seen.

If this screenshot is accurate (I couldn't verify the information from another source), it seems that this new plan will include 100 credits.

The plan will include the essential features like: SEO dashboard, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, and Rank Tracker.

For comparison, the standard plans range in price from $129 to $449 (or $15K for large companies).

I can't say how successful this new plan will be for now, but there are definitely many people who would be interested in trying out more of Ahrefs' features.

Ahrefs $20 Starter Plan Alternatives

If you plan to use the new Ahrefs Starter plan only for keyword research, keep in mind that there are other quite good alternatives.

Here are a few of my favorites for under $30 per month.

LowFruits - $25 for 2k credits

UberSuggest - $20/mo for 300 searches/day

KeySearch - $17/mo for 200 searches/day

SEO Stuff - $16 for 6k credits

Of course, it should be noted that the Ahrefs Starter plan offers other features besides keyword research, so consider what exactly you need and then invest in tools accordingly.