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How to Find Low-Competition Affiliate Niches in 2024

Finding profitable affiliate niches in 2024 can be challenging, with so many marketers vying for the same audience. However, a few methods can still help you identify niche markets with high potential for success.

You can uncover hidden gems that offer low competition and high earning potential by conducting thorough research and utilizing various tools and techniques.

Now let me show you my favorite niche research tactic I've been using successfully since 2020.

The goal is to find low-quality and relatively weak websites that ALREADY rank on Google, get decent traffic and send users to affiliate programs. We will need an Ahrefs subscription to find those sites, but I'm sure you can do it with SemRush.

Now, let's see who links externally to Amazon ( Amazon Associates ). Every affiliate website uses a shortened version of the link, which is http://amzn.to.

Step 1/ Plug http://amzn.to into Ahrefs' Site Explorer and go to the Backlinks report.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Step 2/ Use some filters.

• Filter page traffic ( let's say >100 )
• Low DR ( for example <20 )
• Language ( English )

Ahrefs Backlinks Report

Step 3/ Switch to one link per domain.

Step 4/ Manually check all the websites to find interesting websites/niches.

Note: It's time-consuming, but you will be surprised by some of the findings.

Here are some exciting niches that I found ( in 5 min ):

• Car window tinting
• Everything about pizza
• Faith
• Self tanning
• Maternity dresses

You can tweak it and play with the filters until you find the best results.

Replace http://amzn.to with any other affiliate network short link.

Some examples:

http://shrsl.com for ShareASale
http://alnk.to for AvantLink

Good luck and happy niche hunting!